Edward Cullen (edwardcullen) wrote,
Edward Cullen

Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night.
Tags: friends only
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Add me please? (:
I added this... Im very intrigued.
I addeded youuuu. LETS BE FRIENDS? <3
May I be added? I want to be enlightened.

I happened to stumble upon this and became curious :)

add me back? I added you.
I too, would like to be added :)
Hay, Can I get ADD?

An add, Edward, would be lovely.
add me baaackk please? :3 lol
add me back?
I would love to have you on my flist. Wanna friend? Btw: Do you comment on other ppl's journals in character?
Looking to smile, add?
rageward burning people's houses down makes me day, lol.

adding you.
add me back, edward? :)
Do want to be dazzled. ;D
add me?
add me, homeboy.
Added you! &hearts
i would looove to read what you write. adding you, mosdef.
add me?
i just stumbled across the bd entry on _twat & i want to read more.
After reading that comment on twat_light I must has friends with you. <3
add me please? :)
Friends, please? :)
let's be friends edward
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