Edward Cullen (edwardcullen) wrote,
Edward Cullen

Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night.
Tags: friends only
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I can't resist.
Add me?
The curiosity is overwhelming me.

Add plz?


I want to know whats goin on in the little rock cabin.
Add me please?
add me me s'il vous plait?
i'd love to see what you've been up to. add me back please? :D
hi, would love to read... add?
hey bb.
add me?
talk on twatlight more. we don't see you often.
how do you feel about being exposed in the next few days? are you scared?
as you come highly recommended by a friend, and I'm anxious to read your work XD
Help me Edward, you're my only hope.

And by hope I mean dazzle dazzle.
Add please?
add please?
please add? :)
Please add me back, Edward. ♥
add me back? thanks!
Please add?
Friending you, add me back?
I've added ya.

Finally have some time to reenter the world of Twilight, and I figure.. what better way to start? :)
add me, add me!
added you ♥
I miss reading you. :( Adding you again. Yay! :D
add me?.... =)
interested in being friends? :]
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