Edward Cullen (edwardcullen) wrote,
Edward Cullen

Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night.
Tags: friends only
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May I be added back? We can stalk Bella together.(^ー^)
Adding you! ♥ I'd love to read what you've wrote. :)
add, por favor?
Adding you, I'd love to read your stuff :) (But plz not to be burning my house down 'kay.)
add me plz? :)
Will you please stop setting my house on fire?
And be my friend?
please add me :D
add me please? =]
bawww, you started this journal right after you added me on your other? i can haz friends?
I can has add? :x
plz to be adding me or I will be emo for a long time ; )
I wish to be added, plz! :D
In light of the recent SMeyer fail...Add please?
I believe in ~*~*sparkle motion*~*~

Add? :)
My life without you would be meaningless.
add me please? :)

ta x
Add me please?
Add me back.
please add me?
Please add me!!
Please add me?
Will you be my friend, oh lovely Edward?
I, also, come in search of your lulz wisdom.

Add me pls?? ♥
Add, please?
Uhh...*waves?* *would like to be added?*
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