Edward Cullen (edwardcullen) wrote,
Edward Cullen

Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night.
Tags: friends only
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Friending, so that I may read awesome fanfics. :)
friends, eddie?
Add me back plz.
Edward, I love you!

Add me? ;D
add? i really would love to read your srs bsns journal

add, please? :)
...:D I'm adding you to my ~real~ account. Because that's going to make things so much easier on me. *hates switching between her fifty million accounts ;o;!*
PS: omg unwritten law. that song will be stuck in my head all day now.
i was friends with you on sullencullen so add?
i added you, oh great one. please to be adding me back? thanks, bb. :] and belated happy birthday! :\
Highly amused by your antics on twat_light. Would you mind adding me back ?
Add me back, plz?
I would love to keep up with your fabulous words Edward.

Add me please?
Hallo! I absolutely love your work and wanted to read more of your serious stuff. :D add backsies?
Re-friending, prz.
Add me please?
add, please???
please add me edward? i didn't know you had an lj, would like check it out plz.

i see you guys are slowly taking over lj, one edward/bella account at a time, lol.
Add me back? :)
oh edward..please add me
I would very much like it if you would add me :D
Friend me, my favorite vampire?
Hello, Edward. I would appreciate it very much if you would consider adding me to your friends list. I am very interested in reading your thoughts. Sincerely, M
Of course; add me back.
plz plz plz plz

I give ye lots of mountain lions?
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